DireTruth’s Genesis

Us_flagMy name is John Spagnolo. I started diretruth.com. I bought the domain on 9/5/13, and I have been itching to get started with it. But I wanted to “launch” the site on a memorable day. To me personally, there is no more a memorable date than 9/11. So I am actually rushing the launch, as it has no content. This will officially be the first post. I haven’t even had the site design completed or the logos finished at this writing! BUT, since 9/11 is so important to me, I wanted to do this. I probably will not tell anyone. If you are reading this, it is probably much later than 9/11/13. But I really wanted to do this today.

I really wanted to do this site as well. I sit back and read/listen/watch the news today, and I get sick. Not because of the news itself, that is bad enough. I just can not stand the lying, the controlled news outlets, and only reporting what they want to report. I consider myself to be very patriotic. I LOVE this country. I love the flag, for which it stands. And as a side note, I am a direct descendant of Betsy Ross, so the flag holds an extra special place in my heart. 🙂 I do not love my government. There, I said it. Guess I am on the NSA list now… There are many things wrong with this country, but I believe it can still be fixed. To paraphrase Ted Nugent, it’s like having a new Ford F150 with 4 flat tires. We can fix the flats.

It starts at the top. We need the best to lead this country. As well as in the Senate and Congress. Then at State Levels, all the way down to your local mayor and town hall. I am sick and tired of the press only covering Republicans and Democrats. I am sick of them (the press) abusing their power to lie to the people. To report what they want. To spread fear. Their partisan views. Talking heads that do as they’re told. Blowing one thing out of proportion, while ignoring other things. Where are the Woodward and Bernstein’s of this generation? If a reporter pushes to hard in an interview with the President now, they are called “disrespectful”. Well, sorry, but you are not a KING. Questioning you is not disrespectful, it is our right, and our obligation! You are our leader, but you need to answer to us. You are chosen to speak for us and act on our behalf. We must have the right to question authority, starting right at the top. And there is plenty to question….

I don’t want to get into my political views here, not yet. Believe me, they will be seen with clarity in my future writings. I just want to make it clear what I stand for and why I started this site. I am a patriotic American who just sees a flaw in the system. I am not the first to see the flaw with conventional news sources. Far from it! I am thankful for the “alternative” media sources for news now. Again, I am writing this for 9/11. If you told me any type of conspiracy theory about 9/11 5 years ago, anything that wasn’t right from the news, I would have called you crazy. A crack pot. Un-American! Our government would never lie to us! A tinfoil hat wearing idiot that should hitch a ride with a grey alien to the city on the dark side of the moon. Who do you think you are to question the facts we have been told? I will not get into what really happened on 9/11 because I have no idea. It’s not about what really happened however. I do know some things. I know a shitload of innocent people died. 2,977 is the official number, but it’s really more. I know it was the most horrible day in my life. I know after 12 years, I am still really pissed off. I know as true patriots, we SHOULD question what we were told. I know we gave up our freedom and privacy in the name of security. I know we don’t have the same freedom, privacy, or security that we had before 9/11. I know Osama Bin Laden was blamed for all of it.

If I believe the regular news outlets, Osama Bin Laden was killed by an attack from Seal Team Six, for which President Obama takes full credit. I know that story was all over the news. As it should be, if it were true. Doesn’t ANYTHING about that seem fishy to anyone??? OK, lets let that go though. I know a Chinook Helicopter was reportedly shot down by the Taliban in August of 2011. I know that among others, it included 22 Navy Seals, members of Seal Team Six. I know that this barely made the news, and it was a flash in the pan. They made a MOVIE about what happened, but when the members of the team died, almost nothing was reported??? AMERICA should be QUESTIONING WHY that is. I found out about this on alternative news sources. I pray this is not the first you have heard of this, but if it is, I am glad you now know.

My friends and family…. I asked, quite honestly, my friends and family on Facebook for help with this site. I asked for volunteers to do writing, videos, audio, anything that can help spread the truth. These are all fairly like-minded people. Not everyone would agree on everything, but overall like-minded. I could not be more proud of the people, our writers, who stepped forward. Without them, I don’t think I would have had the nerve to do this. I am a full-time single Father. I have 2 children who are grown from my first marriage, and 2 step-children and two more children from my second marriage. They range in age from 7 to 23. I finally feel like I am doing something with my life that they can be proud of.

I don’t expect this website to change the world, or even this country. I just hope to give people the other side of the news, as others have done for me. Perhaps I or one of our writers, will just put the things the right way for you. We won’t pull punches. We won’t lie. We won’t kiss anyone’s ass. We will always try and keep you informed, or at least entertained. We will try our best to grow. We hope you can help with that.

God bless.